Because of your action,the 2015 Congressional Briefing organized by the National E58 071715 Statement 2Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) on July 14th at 1/30 PM at the U.S. Capitol building was a SUCCESS! Double-click the image on the right, then click the arrow to see those briefing photos.

So many attended that many had to be turned away! Members of the press and Congressional Staffers told NCSE thay had NEVER been to a briefing this packed!

It’s a good step forward that hopefully leads to more engagement on the danger of one of the major contributors to the demand for sex with minors: PORNOGRAPHY. You can read news media articles about the event at these links:

USA Today –
Washington Times –
Christian Broadcast Network –

From our friends at NCSE &

“The latest research on the links between prostitution, trafficking, and pornography was examined in depth by Melissa Farley, PH.D.; and neurologist and addiction expert, Don Hilton, MD, revealed the impact to the brain that occurs with pornography use. Feminist activist, author and scholar Gail Dines, PH.D. discussed the violence against women and children that is regularly perpetuated by pornography. Father of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart and activist, Ed Smart, explained the real life connections between porn, child exploitation, sex trafficking and violence and many other speakers commented on issues like child brain development, impact to the family, and further implications of this multi-faceted issue.”

Bless you!!!

Until All Children Are Free,

Lynn Kolb
Exit 58 Coordinator
Transport For Christ, International

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